Perfect command of in-house production is a quality guarantee for TITONI watches. The very latest tools and equipment and a highly skilled workforce ensure that production meets the high demands of "Swiss made" quality.


We create watches today that will be judged as classics in the future. For us, design and technology go hand in hand. Our passion for detail can be seen in our lavishly designed dials and in the artful combination of contrasting materials.

Our collections fulfil a range of needs and style expectations. Always with a single common denominator – timeless elegance, given its ultimate expression.


The in-house assembly of the movements allows TITONI constantly to raise standards of quality, but also to set its own criteria. High-tech tools support the human hand when that means an improvement in quality. Automatic screw-assembly and automatic lubrication as well as optical inspections using highly sophisticated cameras reflect latest-generation technology. This major asset is an expression of TITONI’s ambition to offer watches that function perfectly.

Fitting dials and hands

Fitting dials and hands are delicate operations which require precision and meticulous attention to detail. TITONI has chosen to perform these tasks in-house so as to ensure the unfailing quality of its production. Its highly skilled staff have access to sophisticated equipment to complete these essential tasks successfully.

Final inspection

After many inspections during stages of in-house production, TITONI carries out a final rigorous inspection of the finished products. All watches are inspected one by one by highly skilled staff, who rely on sophisticated tools. Timepieces which do not meet TITONI's supreme quality standards are sent back to the watchmakers for further adjustments. By multiplying the quality controls in this way, TITONI is able to guarantee that all watches leaving its workshops will maintain the company’s reputation for utmost quality.




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