History ABOUT US

Since 1919, our family-owned company has been combining the art of traditional watchmaking with the use of latest technology and a flair for the perfect form. Knowledge of the secrets of mechanical timepieces has marked the path of our company – from the past to the present day. And will continue to do so in the future, too.


Fourth Generation

Marc and Olivier have grown up in an environment surrounded by the watch-making traditions of the Schluep family. During schooltime, they often worked at the TITONI headquarters in Grenchen to get first-hand experiences. Later, they accompanied their father Daniel on his many business trips to TITONI’s main markets in the Far East and other parts of the world. With their previous business experience and academic degrees from the University of St. Gallen, they are well-prepared to lead the company towards future success.


TITONI celebrates its 100th Anniversary

In 2019, TITONI Ltd. looks back over an extraordinary 100-year history. With this unique heritage, formed by the distinctive visions of the three patrons of the Schluep family, the Swiss watch company has long been famous for its popular and well-known series such as the Master Series, Airmaster or Cosmo. In its anniversary year, the company presented the T10 caliber, the first watch movement to have been developed and manufactured internally in the brand’s history. Today, TITONI Ltd. is one of the very few remaining independent watch companies on the big Swiss watch market.



To mark the brand’s 95th anniversary this year, TITONI invited distinguished actress Sharon Chan to be the officiating guest at the grand celebration event in Hong Kong, during which she unveiled the highly anticipated new SEASCOPER diver's watch together with Mr. Daniel Schluep, CEO of TITONI Ltd. For the past 95 years, TITONI has launched countless iconic timepieces to represent passing decades.


In the Heart of Beijing

TITONI opens its fourth gallery in the Greater China Area, this time in the capital Beijing. The luxuriously decorated gallery is located on the newly renovated Qianmen Avenue, which has been a historically important commercial center of Beijing since imperial times just south of the Tian’anmen Square.


Swiss Glamour at the Peace Hotel

TITONI opens a Gallery in Shanghai’s Peace Hotel, one of the most prominent landmark buildings of this metropolis. The Art-Deco hotel is located on the illustrious Bund, which was once called the “Wall Street of Asia.” TITONI’s Gallery in the Peace Hotel is the Swiss company’s biggest worldwide.


Titoni at the Shanghai World Expo

TITONI, together with other famous Swiss companies such as Novartis and Swiss Re, sponsors the Swiss Cities Pavilion Basel-Geneva-Zürich at the World Expo Shanghai. The Expo 2010 is the biggest ever in history, with more than 70 million people visiting the site by the end of the fair. TITONI presents three giant watches that attract the attention of Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Federation, during her visit to Shanghai.


Independent towards the future

The company can look back with pride over its 90-year-long history of independence and its business success. Management continues to be in the hands of the Schluep family, in the Swiss watchmaking town of Grenchen. This tradition-laden firm is able to look forward confidently into the future, accompanied by a slightly remodelled logo and the slogan "Shaping moments of life".


Top-class chronometer

With the Master Series, TITONI introduced a luxurious chronometer bearing the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) seal. Whether as a gold watch or with power reserve, the Master Series has what it takes to become a classic of the future. A watch that conveys joy and pride from generation to generation.


Homage to Zheng He

In 2005, TITONI dedicated a special edition to the famous Chinese sailor, "Zheng He". This sports-style, world-time watch has an impressively designed historical/geographical dial.


Refined and automatic

With "Cosmo 3000", TITONI introduced an automatic masterpiece with a second time zone meter. The discreet design consciously contrasts with the strap. Asymmetric arrangement of its individual parts simultaneously gives it a surprisingly elegant and refined look.


Postmodern classic

"Space Star" – an automatic watch which, with its postmodern design, pays tribute to the cultural pluralism of society in the 1980s. The successor of this purist model remains a popular classic to this day.


The third generation

Bruno Schluep died shortly after the firm had celebrated its 60 years' anniversary. Son Daniel took over the management at the Swiss headquarters in Grenchen.


Pearls for diving pros

With the "Seascoper" model, TITONI developed a robust, watertight diver watch. Favoured by divers and sportsmen alike, this is a distinctive watch that embodies mechanical sophistication and a spirit for adventure.


Retro en avant

Influenced by the retro design of the 1970s, TITONI creates a man's watch with a stopwatch function and speedometer. The looks of the "Race King" emphasise its technically complex inner workings in an authentic manner.


Journey into space

In the year of the first moon landing by Apollo, TITONI launched Airmaster, a steel men's watch that was just as ground-breaking at the event itself. It immediately won over countless fans worldwide and, in its radically modern form, to this day ranks among the leading models in the TITONI range.


Pop art fascination

Inspired by American pop art, fresh, feminine women's watches started to appear in the 1960s with geometrical forms and strong colours.


Death of a pioneer

Founder and spiritual father Fritz Schluep dies in 1959. His son Bruno takes over management of the family heritage, further consolidating the position of the Grenchen-based company on the worldwide market.


Hardy companions

The "Desert Router" is the official timepiece for bus drivers on the "Overland Desert Mail Service", which links the Syrian capital of Damascus with Baghdad in Iraq through the desert. Equipped with an Ebauch movement and Monorex shock protection, it is capable of withstanding the climatic and physical demands of this service introduced by the Nairn Transport Company.


With moon and time

The hand-wound Felca moon phase watch was there when man first ventured into space. Equipped with a month, day and date display, this is a timelessly beautiful model.


Indian jewel

In the masterpiece that is "Maharajah", traditional watchmaking craftsmanship is combined with discreet luxury. The sleek beauty of its lines and its 21 inset jewels set the hearts of watch lovers racing faster, and not just in the Indian market.


Titoni alive

A new watch generation is created bearing the name TITONI, to meet the needs of a demanding clientele. The brand is given a stylised flower – the meihua, native to South West China – as its signet. To this day, the flower embodies the resolution and endurance of the company and its fine timepieces.


In the service of quality

The 1940s were marked by the Second World War. Its expertise in terms of precision, functionality and reliability earned the Schluep family an exclusive order from the US Army for 30,000 watches.


The second generation

Bruno Schluep, son of the founder and a master watchmaker trained at the technical college in Le Locle, joins the family firm.


Feminine elegance

With the 309 715 ladies' watch, the company designed a shape that mirrored the spirit of the 1930s. Finished in 18-carat gold and equipped with a domed crystal, a jewel that embodied the feeling of femininity at that time: ladylike and self-assured.


Art Deco en vogue

The 1920s were all about Art Deco. Marked by Paris, it was a movement that was also to influence the design language of watches of the era – including Fritz Schluep's first models, resulting in a blend of elegant shapes, precious materials and clear colours.


Foundation with foresight

In Grenchen, at the foot of the Jura mountains, Fritz Schluep sets up a small watch workshop. With a staff of just three and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the trained watchmaker and visionary pioneer develops his first watches, under the name Felco.

Just one year later, his team had already expanded to 15 people. A visionary, Schluep knew that he would have to look beyond Switzerland's borders to ensure long-term success. This led to him making his first sales in Germany, America and Japan.


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