Swiss Watchmaking Overview

TITONI's watches embody affordable luxury that straddles craftsmanship and art. In the midst of the global center for watchmaking art, the Swiss family business has always gone its own way, which is reflected in its individual timepieces. Discover the manufacturing process behind TITONI's Swiss-made watches!



At TITONI, Swiss watchmaking art unfolds its full potential. Not only can the handcrafted watches compete with fine art, but the in-house manufacture of Swiss timepieces also picks up on the artisanal origins of the concept of art. TITONI has preserved the masterful skills of the watchmaking tradition in its manufacturing process. Thus, for over 100 years, exquisite works of art have been created in Grenchen at the foot of the Jura mountains, crafted from the unique interplay of timeless design and skilled craftsmanship. For movements that carry Swiss watchmaking art in their hearts.



Outsourcing its production was never an option for the fourth-generation family business. As a result, TITONI's timepieces are still manufactured entirely in the founding town of Grenchen. Instead of opulent marketing, the company relies on exclusive manufacturing technologies to produce only the finest mechanical watches. Dedication to in-house production means having complete control over every aspect of the production process and ensuring that every watch bearing the TITONI name also meets exacting quality standards.



The Swiss promise of quality begins with the design. Here, attention to detail flows into intricately designed dials and the harmonious combination of different materials. As in the company's special path, individuality determines the conception of the watches. What the timepieces have in common is their timeless elegance, which turns novelties into classics of tomorrow.

By manufacturing its Swiss movements in-house, TITONI can guarantee the quality of its timepieces at every step. Even if high-tech equipment supports the human hand in some steps, the specialist knowledge of the skilled workers is irreplaceable. The assembly of the movements in particular requires meticulous attention to detail when robust cases meet wafer-thin hands. Coupled with the appreciative processing of the finest materials such as stainless steel, TITONI's timepieces become perfect microorganisms full of precision and skill.



We believe that the art of Swiss watchmaking is not only to tell the time, but to capture the essence of time itself. That's why we spare no effort to ensure that every watch we create is a masterpiece of craftsmanship worthy of the Swiss watchmaking tradition.



The heart of TITONI's Swiss movements is undoubtedly the T10 manufacture movement. Developed for the 100th anniversary, the movement was conceived by in-house designers and assembled in small steps by skilled watchmakers. The T10 caliber comprises an exclusive automatic movement with a breathtaking power reserve of 72 hours and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.



The brand new mechanical automatic caliber T10 is different from standard movements: its relatively wide diameter makes it unique compared to standard movements. The T10 consists of 168 individual parts, which are manufactured by specialized suppliers in the Grenchen area. Another major advantage is the power reserve of up to three days. Since November 2020, the T10 movement is also available in the chronometer version (with COSC certificate).

The production of the individual parts also runs like clockwork. Because TITONI cooperates exclusively with selected suppliers in Switzerland. With 32 jewels and a special shock absorption, this masterpiece is a real pleasure for watch enthusiasts and those who want to be.
In the midst of the global center for watchmaking manufacture, TITONI has always gone its own way.



In the men's watches of the LINE 1919 and Seascoper 600 collections, owners catch a glimpse of the delicate mechanisms of Swiss watchmaking through the transparent case back. Here you can watch the T10 caliber as 168 perfectly coordinated individual parts work together smoothly.


Distinguished by the fusion of craftsmanship and artistry, the Swiss company produces unique timepieces that embody affordable luxury. In doing so, the attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship can be felt in each and every TITONI watch. So if you're looking for a watch with Swiss movement that combines precise timekeeping and exquisite craftsmanship, and you value the principles of an independent family-owned company, TITONI is the perfect choice for you. Discover the fascinating world of Swiss watches!