PHILOSOPHY Family Company

TITONI is one of the few remaining independent family-owned watch companies in Switzerland. Three generations of the Schluep family have gone their own way for decades, and each of them has pursued long-term visions to guarantee the company’s stability and continuity.

Since 1919: Heritage

At the heart of TITONI’s philosophy stands its credo to produce Swiss-made mechanical watches of the highest quality at affordable prices. With its unique one hundred year-old heritage, the company is fully dedicated to offering its clients first-class timepieces that live up to the company’s high standards.

Swiss Values

Trustworthiness has always been part of TITONI’s spirit. It is the company’s daily quest to satisfy the demands of its consumers by carefully manufacturing every single watch in its in-house facilities in Grenchen, Switzerland. Swiss-made is at the core of TITONI’s creative process, from creative design to modern technology.

True Quality

The essence of TITONI watches lies in paying attention to details. With passion and skills, the company’s watchmakers do their best to produce timepieces that reflect TITONI’s motto: “It is not the desire for growth and quantity but first-class quality and the love of details that matter.”


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