100 Years of TITONI Family Company

In 2019, TITONI Ltd. looks back over 100 years of family history. The company was originally founded as Felco (later Felca) Ltd. by the grandfather of the current CEO, Daniel Schluep. In the early 1950s, the traditional Swiss watchmaking company expanded its business networks to Asia and also begins producing watches under the name of Titoni. Today, TITONI Ltd. is one of the very few remaining independent watch companies on the big Swiss watch market.

TITONI's three generations

Today, TITONI has a privileged position thanks to the company’s 100-year history. Grounded on this firm foundation, the family-run business is fully aware of the responsibility and challenges that await it. Three generations of the Schluep family have gone their own way for decades, and each of them has pursued long-term visions to guarantee the company’s stability and continuity – also for the future.

TITONI's vision for the next 100 years

Swiss-made has always been at the core of TITONI’s creative process, from classical and fresh design to modern technology. In the company’s new century, with the focus on stability combined with Swiss precision, professionalism and a love for details, TITONI will continue to provide high quality watches and trustworthy services to all its customers worldwide.

The new LINE 1919 with TITONI’s first ever self-developed movement

The new series "LINE 1919" is being launched to mark the special occasion of TITONI’s 100thanniversary,. The T10 caliber ticks at the heart of all models in this series. It is a key milestone for the company as this caliber is the company’s first ever self-developed and manufactured movement. The design of this latest series is inspired by purist minimalism and brings timeless elegance in line with TITONI’s future course.




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