TITONI’s Slenderline embodies the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Its simplicity, embellished by classic elements, is manifested in its ultra-thin design. The mother of pearl dial adds a graceful touch with its subtle play on light reflections. The watch graces the wrist of its wearer like a wisp of a feather and makes a smart daily dress watch.

Classic needle-like hands

The slightly curved, needle-like hands paired with fine, straight-lined indexes are beautiful eye-catchers on the watch. They are housed in a specially designed, ultra-slim case that gives the watch an elegant and light look. The mother of pearl gives each piece a unique face with its subtle play on light reflections. The refined minute indexes make it easy to read the time while ensuring the simplicity of the design.

Ultra-Smooth Bracelet

The nine-links design of the stainless steel bracelet is extraordinarily light. The flexible and thin bracelet smoothly embraces the wearer’s wrist to ensure supreme wearing comfort.


1 - The Slenderline

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