The Wallstreet series embodies the power of masculinity at its best. The prominent watch face and bezel echo the courage, strength and determination of a charismatic man. Its clear-cut design harmoniously complements the barrel-shaped watchcase, a truly distinctive style for the powerful.

Powerful charisma

A man’s powerful charisma is the core inspiration for the design of the unique Roman numeral indexes that form a link between the watchcase’s barrel shape and the oval form on the dial. The Oval guilloche pattern (clous de Paris) is a special engraving technique that creates tiny pyramidal shapes. When viewed from a distance, the pattern lends depth to an otherwise plain surface.

Transparent case back

A characteristic feature of this watch is the transparent case back that offers a fascinating view of the highly decorative, automatic movement. The delicate architecture of this watch is clearly visible through this “magic window on the back.”

Butterfly clasp

The solid butterfly clasp of the stainless steel bracelet guarantees an extraordinarily smooth and secure wearing experience. The design of the polished stainless steel bracelet allows greater flexibility and thus ensures supreme wearing comfort. The crisp clicking sound every time you close the buckle of the bracelet is another sign of high quality.

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